Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Flowers of Life


A Poem by Eileen Finch Cain

F eel the goodness in all forms of life
L ove all things; let go of strife
O pen your petals; let love flow in
W iden the gap; let love grow within
E rase the scars of the past
R est in the assurance that only love lasts

O wn your self-worth in spite of what others may say
F ind again the peace in your day

L ive your potential; let the world know
I nto yourself let a new energy flow
F ind out you have so much to give
E mbrace love; laugh and life

Be joyous and free
Be all that you are and ever could be!

My precious husband bought me these beautiful flowers for my birthday and I wanted to share them with my blogger friends and family. This poem seemed so fitting to put with the flowers. God has blessed me with many beautiful flowers in my life in the form of a Godly husband and two beautiful healthy Christan daughters. I have been Blessed for 18 years with the most loving caring husband anyone could hope to have and for that I am truly grateful.
I hope you all have a great week and enjoy the flowers of you life!


The Sisters said...

Love you,Your Flowers are Beautiful!


Homeschmama said...

My sweethearts
Thanks for everything. I love you both.Momma


It is so good to hear you talk so well and thankful for the "Flowers In You LIFe." I have many beautiful flowers in my life and I am deeply grateful to the the Lord for all of them. They make my life all that it is. Thank you for sharing your also. connie from Texas

The Sisters said...

Happy Birthday!!!!


Happymama said...

Brother Wade did good picking those flowers. They're lovely. And you're right...the poem went well with them.


Homeschmama said...

Thanks for all the comments. I visit your blog daily and I enjoy reading it. Take Care Lisa