Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hello to my Blogger friends. So sorry I haven't been posting but it is a very busy time of the year for me. We are back to school. We started school on August 27TH I am very excited this year about teaching two teenagers.I think other than teaching my kids to read the high school grades are my favorites. I think it is the challenge that I like.I try very hard to keep my girls busy with school, chores, religious(Church) youth events,blogging, crafts etc to keep their minds from the world but yet I do try to take them to community events and neighborhood functions for Good socialization.When they do venture out at some point I want them to be aware of what they are facing.A trip to your local mall is a good place to start.In our case come armed! I don't pack a gun but I do have a heart for God and look of sheer non Intimidation. I will not let mall rats keep me from going to Yankee candle or any other store I chose to venture into.

Well on to a lighter note. My devotions today were Titled "Affirming Word" and I wanted to share some of this in my own words with you. It really helped me and I hope you get a blessing from it to. I live very close to the city but yet it feels like country :) so I see buildings being built that take about month to build them and you may drive by next month and what was once a Lowes department store is torn down in one day and made into a costume store. What had taken a month to erect was torn down in one day!
In saying this and being a Mom and teacher to two teenagers(young believers).My husband and I with God's help have worked very hard to build our girl's up into the respectable teenagers they are but you know it only takes seconds for someones criticism or harsh words to tear them down in seconds. I know from personal experience this can happen and it is very heart breaking.When I was in Bible school one summer a girl that I had went to school and church with all my life was really having a hard time at home and in school. She and I did not have Christan parents to guide us.She went to the altar every night during Bible school to pray. I over heard people making fun of this and I think she did too but thank God she did not let it stop her from coming back to Bible school. We need to use our words wisely. You know why?
She helped lead me to the Lord! She never gave up on me! She prayed for me even though she had so many of her own problems and I have forever have been grateful to her. She was a teenage girl who gave her all! So see when people keep going to that altar to pray they may be praying for your lost soul or a need you have. I said all this to hopefully help someone. It may not be words you say, It could be looks you give or gestures you use. I want to be an encourager for the rest of my life.I am not perfect and will make mistakes but pray for me don't tear me down....I will pray for you!

"We're building up or tearing down In everything we do;
Are you in the construction gang? Or on the wrecking crew?"


I thank my God always concerning you for the grace of God which was given to you
by Christ Jesus. 1 Corinthians 1:4
Love in Christ. Lisa ~A~


Becky said...

What a lovely blog you have here. Are those two beautiful girls your sweet teenagers? (I visited them from your side bar:)

I hope your school year is the best. Your commitment to your girls is commendable. I encourage you to perservere.

Thanks for coming by my blog to say hi. Have a great weekend.

Tracy said...

Thank you for visiting me and your kind comments. As I came over to "meet " you, I realized that your girls and my daughter Autumn often leave each other comments. Have a wonderful school year.

This post was very true. And convicting!

Sharon said...

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for your comment. I thought I'd pop over and *meet* you.

You have a lovely blog and also want to encourage you in your endeavor to guide your girls to live in our world without becoming like our world.

I have a 21 year old daughter who still lives at home. I homeschooled her and sheltered her, but always taught her that Jesus is and always will be her best friend and that she needs to rely on Him in all areas of her life.
She works at a salon with worldly women, but in the almost year that she's been there, they all respect her and apologize to her if a bad word slips. They know she is a Christian and try to respect that. I'm so proud of her letting Jesus' light shine in a dark place. Maybe one day she can lead at least one of them to the Lord!

Gena said...

Hi Lisa!

Thank you for visiting my blog. I wanted to read your posts, but on my computer your background is very dark and I think your type must be black? I can't read any of them. Hopefully I'll be able to soon.

I can see all of the other type, just not your entries.

Best of luck in your homeschooling this year.

Gena said...

Hi, me again. I was just asking my oldest daughter how to be able to see your words - she told me to highlight the type. It works! Now I can read your entries. Sorry, I'm not as computer savvy as I used to be.

A Note From Theresa said...

Missed you but fully understand why you have not been blogging. School comes first.


Lisa, I all for being an encourager. I have been encouraged many times and I want always to be known as an encourager. Nice to visit with you again, Lisa

Mississippi Songbird said...

Sounds like you are a terrific Momma.! Thanks for your blog. it's great reading..