Friday, October 5, 2007

The Fair and Fall Is In The Air!

We recently took a trip to the Cleveland county fair, we usually go to county where my husband grew up. We ran into a couple of people we used to go to church with so that was nice. We always enjoy the exhibits and the animal booths and of course the food . Katie and I sampled the grilled corn and it was OK. I think I would have liked the fair better if the weather would have been cooler, It was so muggy and humid. The Maple trees are starting to turn here in the South. We got some much needed rain also last night. I do hope the rain brings the cool weather. Well I hope everyone is well and enjoys the upcoming weekend. My laptop is on the blink, so I'm sharing with the girls. I added some pictures of our fall decorations. I have really enjoyed seeing my blogger friends fall decorations.Thanks for visiting and God Bless you.

Holly & Katie at the fair

The Cleveland County Fair

Katie sampling her Corn!

Fall 2007

Our fall Wreath


Karen said...

I enjoyed your decor pictures, and the ones of your girls at the fair. I love the fair, but haven't been in several years, because I DON'T love the massive crowds. I need to find a little country fair to attend. LOL!

Sharon said...

I love your fall decorations! The wreath is so pretty!

I know what you mean about the mugginess in the South. It's just been a strange weather year. I'm SO looking forward to cooler weather!!!

Mississippi Songbird said...

Great Pictures. I love the fall time of the year..