Thursday, February 21, 2008

Do Bad Things Happen in Three's?

Well so much for the spring like weather. It was in the thirty's here today (Thursday) with a high temperature of only 47 degrees and it was raining most of the day. It was a good day for a good pot of steaming hot Salmon stew. I don't know how you like to eat soups but I like my soups, stews etc good and hot. My husband likes to cools his. I guess to each his own. It was a nice night to put the fireplace to some good use. Have a cup of something warm. Put on some warm PJ'S and fuzzy socks and snuggle under granny's quilts. Read a good book or watch some food TV with my sweethearts. I think I'm getting cabin fever.I need to get out of this house this weekend.

I started this post yesterday(Thursday) There is and old saying about things happening in three's lol. Well number one came when the laptop battery pack stopped working last night on the girl's laptop. Remember My laptop is out so when the girl's computer is out were out of luck! It isn't even one year old yet but we didn't get the extended warranty. So my dear husband calls Sony and of course gets a foreign speaking lady whom he is trying so hard to be nice to. Then he starts spelling the code on the battery to her. It was so funny, he says "N for Nancy, G for God, P for Peanut. I'm thinking what will he say next and laughing at the same time. Least to say we went to best buy and bought a universal battery that is working fine.

OK on with number two. Since we did not want anymore stew after lunch I was pouring it down in to the sink for the garbage disposal to get rid of it and the wonderful stone I purchased at the mass general store which really works to keep things from boiling over, which I am queen of boil overs. I'm thankful for a smooth top stove.Just guess what I did while talking to my daughter? Yep. I poured the stone into the running disposal. LOL It sure was loud but I worked quickly to turn off the switch. I was able to fish out most of the stone and when dear hubby gets up he calls a plumber (I'm reading the Instructions manual in the back ground). Men never read these. Well the lady on the phone was nice enough to tell him how to fix it over the phone. Probably because it was Friday :)

I hope number three does not happen. Thank you all for praying for me these past two weeks. My blood pressure seems to be going down during the day then up at night.I think I am going to be looking for a new doctor one that doesn't want to give a pill every time you go for a simple visit. Pray that I can find a good christian doctor. I am trying to wean myself off this hormone patch because I think it keeps my blood pressure up. I am trying to eat better and exercise more. I am reading the Dash Diet Book. If anyone has any diet or hormone tips I would appreciate them. God is good! I thank him for leading me to this blog and allowing me to find such wonderful friends. I cherish you more than you know. Stay warm and have a wonderful weekend. Love and warm Hugs Lisa


:)De said...
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Tracy said...

I am NOT superstitious. Keep praying, God will get you through. I see the DR again on Monday concerning my BP. Ugh...

Lisa said...

Tracy, I am not superstitious either but the threes thing was just something the old folk use to say lol.

Hope said...

When it rains it pours, huh? :)

I'm sorry to hear you're having blood pressure problems. My doctor had me wear a monitor for 24hours to see exactly what was happening with mine and to see what my "norm" was. Mine was going up while I was sleeping! Then I went back on my diet and the next visit it was normal! In my opinion, diet and exercise is the way to go. In some cases I think it's just inherited. I have been doing terrible this winter with my eating and I so need to get back on that diet faithfully. I'll have to check out the Dash Diet..never heard of it and I thought I had tried them all! LOL


Mississippi Songbird said...

Good Morning, Lisa
I don'tkow about bad things coming in three's, but I know when it rains,it
I had a similar situation with my washer and dryer last week.Thank goodness , we got those repaired.. It's awful without them, and a family of four..
Have a wonderful( bad event Free) weekend. I hope only good things happen for you.. Bunches of hugs...Stephanie

Sharon said...

I have been on BP medication for a few years now. However, if I lost about 30 lbs and walked on a consistent basis, I probably wouldn't even have to take any! Losing is so hard! Especially when you like to cook and try new recipes!! ;)

Gena said...

I agree with the other ladies - I'm not superstitious, but it does seem that when one thing happens, something else does, too.

I'll be praying for you and your BP. My mother has problems with that. However, she doesn't exercise and she doesn't watch what she eats. Her doctor told her that would do alot to help keep it stable. It seems like diet and exercise are the key to so many of our problems! Also, of course, lack of stress and getting enough sleep.

It sounds like you had a wonderful, cozy day. It is warmer here today, but by Wednesday the high is supposed to be 45! Very unusual for us.

Nancy said...

HI Lisa, Things do seem tohappen in threes but not so sure it has anything to do with anything, I odn't believe in luck bad or good. sorry you are having a time of it, tho'
I have heard that black cohosh is helpful with hormonal swings, I have never tried it so have no experience with it. Just that it is a more natural menopausal treatment than hormone patches. Have a uneventful week end.. (((hugs)))