Sunday, February 24, 2008

God's Jewelry Box


Malachi 3 :17
And they shall be mine,saith the Lord of hosts, in that day when I make up my Jewels; and I will spare them, as a man spareth his own son that serveth him.

God looks at his children as his precious Jewels but are we really in his Jewelry Box? I wanted to share some points from a wonderful sermon I heard months ago and some of my added thoughts. I hope you are enjoying this lovely Lord's day. I think if you hear a sermon and you can remember it months later it is well worth sharing! I hope you get a blessing from this .I sure did! Are you in God's Jewelry Box What a point to ponder!
A Jewel to God! Even if you feel like you mean nothing to no one you are a jewel to God! You are precious in his sight.

I have never been one to wear a lot of Jewelry. Although I think a girl can't go wrong by adding modest accessories to her wardrobe. I think the Lord wants us to be happy and look the best we know how to or have the financial means to. But to each his own. I do wear make up . "Every old barn needs a coat of paint once in a while." I think that is your own personal conviction just as the pants Issue that is between you and the Lord. I wear women's pants that I buy in the women's department. I do not wear them to church. If you want to wear them to church I don't dislike you for that. I like someone who is honest and open. My girl's grew up wearing mostly dresses because they are girl's after all :) and I have mostly dresses and dress clothes in my closet. Now in my chest of drawers God forbid you will find blue jeans yes Lord I wear them" He knows all about them and God is my only Judge" I buy my pants in the women's department. I love to wear them and a big lose top when I am in my garden or whenever. It is hard for me to cover myself from your neighbors even in the longest skirt. I have the deepest respect for all you ladies that wear only dresses. I admire you for that conviction. I consider myself modest in my dress attire. I have safety pins or some added stitches in most my tops because I don't want to flash anyone. I think you have to be real careful how you judge people because to me if you wear gauchos or jogging pants, pajama's, leggings,scrubs and crops they have legs or half of leg you have to put them on like a man puts his pants on lol and no matter how lose they are that to me is pants. I do not wear men's clothes unless I sleep in some of hubby's long shirts or other things. I sure don't want to make any one mad but this is my conviction and my opinion. I love everybody! Regardless of their dress mode but I have say I do not believe in all this showing skin and low pants with belly's hanging out. Mini skirts are out here in my house to. I don't like these pants the guys wear that they cant keep on them. I think it is distasteful. I know my husband would be wearing a robe if we lived when Jesus did. Would that not be a sight! I know all the scriptures pertaining to dress. But I believe God Judges my heart and if my heart is right and it is! I will know how to dress appropriately and If I'm not the Lord will deal with me accordingly.
Sorry got off the subject of my post :)

Jewels are Discovered

The only way to get into God's jewelry box is to be put in there. The man with key to the box will put you there if you accept him as your Lord and saviour.

Some people such as actors, singers etc will say or act like hey"I have arrived" You never really arrive until you meet the Lord and get saved.The only discovery you need is by God when you get Saved.
Keep secure in the box. Hold fast to the WORD OF GOD!
Keep secure in the box. God sees the diamond in the rough and God is bigger than any sin! It feels so good to be one of God's Jewels and to be in God's Jewelry box. God Bless you until my next post.


Hope said...

Hi Lisa,
I've never heard the jewelry box concept before but I'm in that Box, even if I do feel like a diamond in the rough most of the time! As far as the clothing, well I was brought up in a time when we only wore our Sunday best dresses to church, and even to town on Saturday! My own personal conviction is that we should BE modest and our dress code will follow suit. I have never understood why these young girls think that a crop shirt, low jeans and and a fat belly hanging out is attractive!! But that's just me! :o)

I came over to tell you that I have tagged you for a meme on my blog. If you've never played, come on over and check it out.


Mike Golch said...

Hi Lisa,I came to visit from Hope's site Ive been tagged as well as you. Now I realy enjoy your blog,your blog show to me hoe greatful for the blessings that you have.I also enjoy your music.
Someday when I'm more experenced mybe I'll be able to have musics as well.I would have Hammered Dulicmer playing on mine.If toy come to vist you will see why.
Hugs and Blessings your way.

Mississippi Songbird said...

Thank you for the post today..It is wonderful to be in God's Jewelry box..Bunches of hugs.. have a great week.

Sharon said...

I've never heard it put that way but it's nice. :) God has quite a bit more work to do on me, but enough time has gone by that I can look back and see His Hand in my life and how He has shaped me. :)

I'm in the same boat with you about the clothing. I've read a lot about the women that do wear dresses or skirts only and I have deep respect for them. I was brought up to wear them to church, but at home it was jeans and t-shirts. I dress very modestly now, but still wear women's slacks. My husband agrees with me, but deep down I'm feeling convicted (maybe?). I have tried wearing a skirt around the house even when I'm not going anywhere, but then my hubby hesitates to ask for my help outside because he doesn't want me to get dirty. We live in the country and I still wear loose fitting jeans around the house and even to Wal-mart. I wore a jeans dress one day to town and was amazed at the different reactions from people. Men would hold doors open for you and treat you like a lady. I'm still praying and pondering on this subject which is why I haven't posted anything about it.

I don't have a problem with what other Christian women wear unless it is obviously too tight, too revealing, etc. It's that thing about knowing them by their fruit. Maybe they need some pruning by hearing a preacher actually preach on modest dress which I haven't heard.
Sorry to go on so long!