Wednesday, February 13, 2008

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MY LOVE STORY (EST-April, 18 1989)

My love story begins in 1988. That is when I first met my beloved husband. A Christian lady I worked with Introduced us. He had grown up in her church. I know without a shadow of a doubt the Lord put us together. You could say well everyone says that, so let me give you some history. We could have possibly never have met because I was from western North Carolina and my husband was from another part of North Carolina which is like three hours away. I moved to South Carolina after High school and My husband moved to Maryland to attend Piney point after graduating to become a merchant marine and traveled the world. He had every Intentions of making this a career but he was not to happy being away from the Carolinas. He returned home and took a job at the same place I was working. Now I had been praying for a long time for the Lord to send me a Christian man that would be my husband.God answered my prayer in the fall of 1988.

We did not have a long courtship, just say it was really love from the beginning we met. We actually had two marriage ceremonies one at the court house and then again in Montego Bay Jamaica. So you could say we eloped which was wonderful and so romantic .I was elated to say the least! This April we have been married nineteen fabulous years. I can say with all my heart and soul that I have been blessed with the most amazing husband in the world. He always puts Jesus first and I can count on him to pray for me and hold my hand and be there in any situation such as the birth of our daughters or the grave side of my beloved grandmother who raised me. I know his arms will always be there to hold me. Happy Valentine's Day sweet heart. Thank you for all the long hours you work so I can stay home and teach the girls and keep our home. Thank you for all you do. I love you Always your Valentine ~~~~~~


Karen H. said...

Good Morning Lisa,
"HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY"!!!! What a romantic and touching story. "THANK YOU" so much for sharing your love story with us. The pictures of your wedding are just beautiful. Our Anniversary is next month, and we will be married 13 years. We had a short courtship as well. We met in December of 1994, and got married in March of 1995. We had only been dating a month when he asked me to marry him. I wanted to elope because I wanted to be with him then, but since he had never been married before, he wanted to have a Church Wedding. So, I waited and we planned our wedding together. He even bought my Wedding Dress for me. When you have time, please stop by. I have a couple of things for you on my today's post. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Karen said...

Thank you for sharing your love story, Lisa!
You two are a cute couple!
I'm also blessed with a wonderful husband. God's been so good to us.

Hope said...

Hi Lisa,
I'm so glad you visited my humble little blog and left a sweet comment about my kitchen.

I enjoyed reading your love story. You and hubby make a beautiful couple. I truly believe if we wait on the Lord He will send us the one we're suppose to be with.

Please visit me again soon. I'm going to go read more of your blog.


Mississippi Songbird said...

Awww. Thanks for sharing this. Happy Valentines Day!


mrs.lisa, yall look so cute!!!! how romantic, a destination wedding, in jamacia!!! yall are the stuff!!! xoxoxo, happy valentines to you and your family, love yall so very much, i feel like we are family!!!!! love, dana

Happymama said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Lisa. Thanks for sharing your love story. It was so sweet.


Gena said...

What a sweet story to share. I loved seeing your pictures.

I have to second what Karen said - I am blessed with an incredible husband that does everything in his power to take care of me and our children.

Hope said...

Hi Lisa,
I hope you had a wonderful V-Day with your hubby.

I've been going back through your archives and I came across the Jubilee videos. I'm listening to Showers of Blessings right now while I write this!! I'm really being blessed by this and want to thank you for sharing it. I'm going to view more of them.


Barbara said...

Beaautiful love story Lisa and congrats. on your awards.