Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Top 10 Time Wasters for Women

Top 10 Time Wasters for Women

1. The Telephone.
You can waste hours of time talking and gossiping on the telephone. Not only is it time-wasted, but this is usually when your children get into trouble, or be naughty because they realize the phone has taken motherʼs attention away from them.

2. The TV.
I would rather live life than watch it! Teach your children to ʽliveʼ life, rather than watch it go by. Remember that the day is for work, the evening is for relaxation. A good rule for your home is to never turn the TV on during the day. (Itʼs still a time-waster in the evening too!)

3. Reading novels when there is work to be done.
Donʼt be tempted to read a novel during the hours of the night, only to wake up too tired to cope with your children during the day.

4. Self-Pity and Worry.
Thinking about yourself is a deadly time-waster. You canʼt adequately nurture your children or bless others while you use all your emotional energy on yourself.

5. Lack of organization.
If you aim at nothing, youʼll hit it. It is important to have long-range goals, and a goal for each day.

6. Lack of Discipline.
Do what has to be done, not just what you feel like doing. This develops character.

7. Trying to do everything at once.
Tackle one job at a time and finish it completely. Then start another job. Clean one room at a time. You donʼt have to get everything done in one day.

8. Inability to say, "No."
Stay focused. Donʼt get sidetracked. Your first priority is to be a wife, a mother and homemaker. Everything else comes second.

9. Too Much Stuff.
The more "stuff" you have in your home, the more you have to clean. The more gadgets and ornaments you have, the more you have to dust. The more toys your children own, the more you have to pick up. They only need two or three at once. Put the others away. Continually ʽde-junkʼ your house. Keep only what you need.

10. Inefficiency.
When cleaning up, donʼt carry one thing to another room and then come back for something else. Put everything for one room in a box, and then take one trip to that room. Save on unnecessary movements.

I have to say I agree with most of these. I Have applied number 9 and it really has helped us to keep our house neater and easier to clean. I didn't write this but I thought it was interesting and I can apply all of them to my every day life. I hope you enjoy the above photos the girl's took of some our spring flowers. God Bless you all. Lisa


Karen H. said...

Good Morning Lisa,
The flowers are just beautiful. Are they from your flower garden? "THANK YOU" for sharing a bit of Spring with us. We have been having Spring like temperatures here this week. We are to be up around 70 degrees today and in the 70's tomorrow. I enjoyed reading your Time Wasters for Women. I used to be bad about being on the telephone, but since we don't have a home phone anymore, I don't have to worry about that. We do have Pre-Paid Cell Phones, but since I have to watch my minutes, I am careful about being on the phone. I do like watching Food Network. I don't watch alot of t.v. tho. I don't read as much as I should, but a mood has to strike me before I do read. I sometimes, and it's only when I'm by myself, do I woller around in self-pitty. I think it's just natural for us as woment to do that from time to time. I have no organization whatsoever. LOL. I just do what I can do in a day and be happy with what I have done. I'm glad our girls have outgrown toys. We don't have them anymore. Our youngest daughter does have a few barbie dolls and such, but not like she used to. Oh never mind, LOL. I just seen at the bottom of your post where those are your flowers. LOL. I did read all of your post, but I don't guess I've woken up good just yet. Not enough coffee in me yet. LOL. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Mississippi Songbird said...

Those pictures of the spring flowers are gorgeous..
I enjoyed reading your list..
I think they could apply to men also though..
Usually the only time I'm on the phone is if I am taking care of an appointment or something for my family.Otherwise, I'm on the phone at work for business.
I guess anything can be a waste of time, if it takes away form your family and your closeness with God.
I used to sing a several churches, then it was getting too much. I knew God wanted me to minister, but not at the expense of my time with my family. The main thing is to keep in balance. If a friend of mine is in need of me listening to them, I will take the time to hear them out.. They would do the same for me. Have a blessed evening.

Lisa said...

I agree these could apply to men. I think anything that is did through your service in the Lord is not a waste of time. A kind call or whatever your good deeds are never a waste. I agree we should do everything in moderation.
Blessings. Lisa

Hope said...

How do I get so far behind and have to keep catching up? Could it be I'm guilty of all that list of 10?? :O)

The girls did a good job with the pictures. Very pretty flowers. Ah, Spring!


Nancy said...

Thank you Lisa for the list its great!! & I love the flowers can't wait for spring to come here in my neck of the woods..

Lisa said...

I am guilty of all of these. :)But I am trying to Improve :)
Love ya'll. Lisa

Happymama said...

You ain't kiddin' 'bout #9, Sista!!

It makes a HUGE difference in the house when you eliminate things that you don't need or use any longer. I'm finding that out this week, for sure!

And I have to say I'm surprised that the computer didn't make that top ten. LOL


Brandy said...

Hey Lisa,
the flowers are so pretty. I enjoyed your tips on wastes. I am bad for cleaning here and there. I feel like I get more done that way, dont ask me why I feel that, but I do. LOL Take care.