Monday, April 14, 2008

Plant Your Garden Today!

The rainbow
The back patio
Holly Loves to Clean!
Look what greeted me at my front door :)
Beautiful Garden
They even redid the rocks.
Hanging pot
Birch tree surrounded by Ice plant and pansies.
I love this face.

Gentle hands.
Pretty maids all in a row :)
My sweetie :)
A Job well done.
I caught this one in a hurry. We love the birds.

The girl's planted their summer flowers today. It was such a lovely day for it. If you would like to know what kind of flowers they planted pay them a visit on their blog. We all enjoy gardening and Dh loves to landscape. We had a nice weekend together and we enjoyed the beautiful spring weather. It is supposed to get down to 38 tonight. The weather is so weird, it actually came a shower here today and the sun was out. Then we saw a beautiful rainbow. I have seen it rain when the sun was out before it is just strange lol. I cooked at home today wish is always nice to have a good home cooked meal with the family.

I came across this old poem that I know you all have seen and probably have it own your blogs somewhere but it seem to fit in with my post so I thought I would share it. Have a great Monday .

Plant your garden today

First, plant 3 rows of peas;

Next, plant 3 rows of squash;
Squash gossip
Squash indifference
Squash criticism

Then, plant 4 rows of lettuce;
Let us Obey the Lord
Let us be Loyal
Let us be true to our Obligations
Let us be unselfish

Finish, with 4 rows of turnip;
Turn up when Needed
Turn up with a Smile
Turn up with a Vision
Turn up with Determination


Mimi said...

you all worked very hard...and did a wonderful job with the garden...I hope the cold weather doesn't hurt the new flowers...

Gena said...


I loved seeing all the pictures of your beautiful home and yard. The flowers your girls planted are lovely.

I also like that poem. I'm glad you put it out for us to read.

Happy Monday to you, too!


hey, your yard loks great. we are going to try to get ours done this weekend, hopefully!!!! i hope you are having a great week!!

Mississippi Songbird said...

Your yard is looking wonderful!
I can't wait to plant some flowers in my yard. We are going to have a freeze tonight, but this should be the last one of the year.. We'll see.
Have a wonderful week...

Happymama said...

Love the poem and the girls did a great job on their flowers!


Vanessa said...

Thank you for sharing your home and garden with us. And "lettuce" all remember to plant our gardens as well. :-)

I've finally posted and am finally stopping in.


Hope said...

Hi Lisa,
Your yard looks great! The girls and hubby did a good job planting those flowers. We still haven't done any landscaping here but we need to so bad. We can't plant any flowers just yet. Right now we are having dogwood winter so it has been cold again, almost down to freezing. We want to plant a weeping cherry tree but we aren't sure when to plant one. I tried to google it and got a lot of info on these trees..except for when to plant!!

Cute little doggie you have. Is he/she a shitzu (sp?)? My dog is a Lhasa Apsa but they look a lot alike. In the same family I think.

Have a great week!

Love and Hugs,

Karen said...

Your garden and home are just lovely!


I love the garden. The beautiful flowers and the birds. They have all done a wonderful job. I wish that I was able to work outside. My daughter in law, Michele, does a great job with her gardens. I just love them.

I love the poem. Thank you for sharing a part of your life. It was a blessing. connie from Texas

Nonna said...

Such a beautiful garden!! And I love the poem! May I add you to my blogroll? Have a blessed week!

Lisa said...

Please feel free to add me. I am working on my links right now.
Hugs. Lisa

Lisa said...

Hope, Harley is a female shitzu. I have never owned asweeter dog :) Love ya. Lisa

Debbie said...

How nice it is to get help with your gardening!! :)
This is something my husband and I enjoy doing together.

We wanted to plant a small vegetable garden, but haven't had the time with the other projects we have going on. If we don't get it started soon, I guess we may as well forget it. lol

I like your birch and magnolia trees. These are two of my favorites!

Brandy said...

I just stopped by to say hello, the flowers are so pretty!!