Saturday, August 9, 2008

Have a Beautiful Weekend~

I hope everyone has a great weekend. My DH worked last night so the girl's and I will probably go shopping and then we will all go out for supper tonight.

I have just a few loose ends to tie up and some lesson plans to do before school starts on August 25Th. It is still hard to believe that Holly will be a senior this year! Time marches on that's for sure.

Katie made a great lunch yesterday. It was homemade beefy Macaroni. It was simply delicious. Holly does a super job cleaning.She loves to vacuum "really" Both of the girl's have learned to double stitch crochet and Katie was so proud that she was doing such a good job on a small Afghan she had started but when her sister was vacuuming she caught one of her yarn strings in the vacuum and that was the end of that. She was upset to say the least but accidents happen. Have a great weekend. Take care.


Karen said...

It's hard to believe that summer is coming to a close, yet we still have the heat and humidity through September to deal with.
I love anything with beef and pasta, so I'm sure Katie's meal was wonderful. Alaina loves to help out around the house too, and I'm so grateful for that.
Our girls are growing up so fast, aren't they?!
You have a wonderful week-end, too!
Blessings and hugs,

Nonna said...

Its hard to beleive its time for school to start again. Your probably ready for a routine again though. Have a great week!

Shelly said...

I bet you are one of the best homeschool Mom's around!

Have fun finishing up getting ready.

My Amanda is a Senior this year too. It is crazy! How quick they grow up!

Kristi said...

OH, that's so sad about the afghan.

Tell her there was a little elderly lady on the plane to Puerto Rico that was escorted off the plane because she had crochet needles in her carry-on.

They were afraid she'd make an afghan. LOL

Debbie said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear (read) about the afghan. I have to be careful vacuuming around here. I have caught a loose string from one of my rugs before and the smell is just awful!!

Nonna said...

Hope you had a great weekend!! And have a wonderful week!!

Mimi said...

Have a great school year...
a real challenge having a senior!!!

Nonna said...

I hope your week is going well!