Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Where Have all the Firefly's Gone?

Katie and I were discussing tonight that we have seen little to no lighting bugs this summer. We always look forward to seeing them. When I was growing up we would do weird things with lighting bugs lol. My cousin would take the glowing parts off and sick around his wrist. I thought that was cruel. I always caught them and put them in a jar with a lid with wholes punched in the top for air. I always added some grass but it was nice setting them on my night stand and when all the lights were out they would look so pretty lighting up.One particulare night I must have made my holes to big because I awoke to several lighting bugs flying around in my room.

Have you had any fireflies in your area this summer? It could be the drought here in the South. We live in a newer subdivision but we have lots of trees planted. It's a mystery!Here is some facts I found that I thought you might like to read about firefly's.Lampyridae is a family in the beetle order Coleoptera, members of which are commonly called fireflies, lightning bugs or (ambiguously) "glow worms" due to their conspicuous nocturnal (or, more accurately, crepuscular) use of bioluminescence to attract mates or prey. Fireflies are capable of producing a "cold light" containing no ultraviolet or infrared rays, with a wavelength from 510 to 670 nanometers, pale reddish, yellowish or green in colour, with a lighting efficiency of up to 96%.

There are more than 2000 species of firefly found in temperate and tropical environments around the world. Many species can be found in marshes or in wet, wooded areas where their larvae have abundant sources of food.Light production in fireflies is due to a chemical reaction called bioluminescence, which occurs in specialized light-emitting organs usually on the lower abdomen.

Firefiles are one of God's fanscintaing creations.I am thankful for cooler weather and I hope and pray that we get some rain soon. Thanks for visiting. Your always welcome here :)


Nonna said...

I asked my husband just a month or so ago why we dont see fireflys now like we did when we were kids. He said there are still some out there. So that night I sat outside and watched to see if I might see some, and I did!! Not like when we were kids, but I saw some and I was so excited! I used to do the same thing you did! I'd set them by my bed at night.
Have a great day!

Shelly said...

Where did they all go? Not sure!
Love that song, five for fighting! I also have loved the new look of your blog. Hope you have a blessed day today!

Shelly said...

I actually like all of those songs that you have posted. Come Light Your World is also a great one!

Tammy said...

Hi Lisa,
We don't really have them in the northwest...I didn't see my first one until I was just married and moved across the country to Virginia- I was so excited, too!

I've been thinking the same thing about hearing crickets around here. We haven't heard them as loudly as we usually do...for me, that is always one of the nice things about late summer.

A Note From Theresa said...

In my neck of the words we have a really bad mosquito problem. So we have mosquito trucks spraying for them. This in turn kills the lighting bugs in our area.

In fact our mosquito problem is so bad we have a mosquito festival every year. My family never goes to this because of the sinful things that goes on there, but the is a festival for our mosquitoes.You can look it up in a Google search to find see for your self.

I did the one word meme, (under the youtube post) if you want to look at it.

Sharon said...

I've seen some this summer, but not like usual. This drought has a lot of things messed up. We have tons of poplar leaves falling already!

Pray for rain! I keep hoping the tropical storm will head our way.