Tuesday, October 21, 2008


RULES FOR THIS AWARD: My dear sweet friend Connie from Connie's Thoughts From The Heart blog spot so kindly gave me this award. She is such a special Christian lady and if you get to know her you will feel the same way I do about her and her family.Thank you my dear friend for this award.I value all my online friends and I did do one these memes a while back so I'm tagging anyone who is interested in doing this. Let me know if you do it so I can read it. Hugs. Lisa

1) Publish the rules
2) Share six values that are important to you.
3) Share six things that you do not support.
4) Grant this prize to six people.

Six things I Value that are important to me.
1. I Value you my Salvation and my personal experience with my Lord Jesus Christ for without Him I would be nothing. God is so good and he so real and He manifest His self in each one of us who Believe in Him~

2. I value my Christian husband whom I dearly love and our Christian daughters who are the best part of me. They make me so proud for living Christ like and not for the world.

3. I value the freedom to worship and study my Bible and pray whenever and wherever I choose.
4. I value my ability to homeschool my girl's in safe Godly environment.

5. I value the love of family and friends who mean so much to me.Their prayers mean more to me than any amount of money. I truly mean this.When someone tells me they are praying for me or my family that means so much to me!

6. I value good Christian neighbors who hold Bible studies in their home. I prayed really hard for good neighbors and as I was looking out my window one evening I saw all these cars pulling up at my new neighbors house and people were carrying Bibles. They hold Bible studies at their house.God will answer even the smallest of prayers!

Things I do not support:

1. I don't support abortion.
2. I don't support same sex marriages.
3. I do not support people who abuse Seniors or children.(and animals)
4. I do not support the belittlement of mentally challenged people.
5. I do not support all these nasty mouthed TV shows that promote sex and violence.

Thank you all who prayed for my husbands dad. He is at home and doing better.
Thanks for coming by and have a great day. Hugs. Lisa


Patti said...

Glad your father in law is home and doing better!

Hi! I'm Grace said...

hi, Lisa. i have something for you on my blog. please claim it there. :)

Tammy said...

Congratulations on your award, Lisa!

Loved reading your lists- and of course I agree with just about everything! :)

Have a great rest of the week!

All My Blessings said...

Lisa, I like you a lot!! I think we could become very good friends because we value many of the same things.....I will also list 6 things I value the most. Tonight I have Bible Study and will get on this first thing in the morning...check it out....also if you would add yourself to my Blogs I Follow....thanx, kae

Debbie said...


Wonderful list and glad to hear you FIL is home.