Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh Blessed Daughter's of God~

Oh blessed daughter of God
Whose heart is full of gold
You may think me as odd
When your fashions I do scold!

I must seem so old fashioned
When I say, 'Your skirt's too short!'
Then in careful words, impassioned
I say, 'At least just wear a skort!'

Your views at times, are so complex
To this old fogies mind
That you must think I'm just a hex
To your 'In fashion' kind.

I hope though, you will understand
When forceful things I say
That God…not I, is in command
And I hope for me, you'll pray!

Though your mom, I am not perfect
But I try so hard each day
To show you my respect
For your complex teenage way!

And in return, I hope that you
Will try to understand
I only want to help you through
This vain ambitioned land.

There are so many choices
For a teenage girl to make
That it's hard to sort the voices
Of the honest and the fake.

Come, take my hand my precious one.
Please, do not be afraid
To place your trust in God's own Son
Who in the garden prayed.

He suffered for our worst mistakes,
Sweat blood from every pore
Did all this for our sinful sakes
And now He reigns forevermore!

So please my precious daughter
Who is loved so very much
Let us follow our great Savior
For He has the healing touch!

Let us walk this land together,
Holding to the Iron Rod
As a daughter and a mother
Hand in hand with our great God!

~~Love Forever, Your Mother~~

Diana M. Isham

I love both my Godly daughter's so much and I am so proud of the Christian young ladies they developing into.I know God has a special plan for each one of them. I thank God for my angels.
I hope each of you have a Blessed day! It was 80 degrees here at my house today and the leaves are ever so slowly turning. Take time to tell someone you love them today.Blessings always.


Debbie said...

Beautiful girls! I enjoyed the poem and I could SO relate, having a 22 yr. old myself! lol...
*sigh* It is tough being "mama" sometimes, but the reward is oh, so much love!

Tammy said...

Your daughters are so lovely!

We are not in the teen years yet, but they are just around the bend, since my oldest is nine...

Wow, you are having a heat wave for it always this way in your area? We had an Indian summer but our days are finally cool...tomorrow is sunny but only going to reach 61.


~Karen~ said...

I love this poem, Lisa. I'm reading it to my new teen today!
Your sweet young ladies are just beautiful!

Nanny said...

Good morning Lisa,
Your blog is so pretty.
Thank you for stopping by and visiting me at my blog.
I will tell you now that I do love you and your family.
Thank you for the prayers that you and your family are praying for me.
My hip replacement will be Nov. 3rd. at 1:oo or shortly there after.
Love you,

Linda said...

Just popped in to say Hello, and Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I just love the poem!
You are very Blessed!

Hugs, Linda

All My Blessings said...

Reading your poem reminds of why I wanted to have children. My girls are one of those blessings given by God. I'll share it with my daughters......k

Marci said...

You are very blessed. Your daughters are truly treasures!!

Mimi said...

Beautiful tribute to your daughters...who are also beautiful..
you are very fortunate...

Mississippi Songbird said...

You do have two beautiful and special daughters.. God is good..

CNA Momma said...

Your girls are growing up and are so beautiful. I miss you all. I love ya! Love the poem too.

Diana said...

What a beautiful website you have here! What a lovely surprise to find "Oh Blessed Daughter of God" posted herein.

I have 3 beautiful daughters for whom I wrote it. Once I had done so, I realized that it could bless and benefit far more than myself and my daughters, so I began posting it on the internet.

What a blessing it is to me to see that you others can be and are being blessed by it. God bless you and your beautiful daughters my friend!

Love Always, Diana