Saturday, November 15, 2008

In Memory Of My Grandmother~

November 28, 1920-November 15, 2001

I miss you Granny~
I miss your voice your smile and your touch. I miss our happy times together in the kitchen cooking up a storm during the holidays.You were such a big part of my life and I cherish the times we had together. You instilled wisdom in me that I will carry with me all my life and pass on to my daughters that you loved dearly. I know you are asleep in Jesus and we will see each other again one day. I love and cherish every memory I have of you. Your always in my heart and on my mind. You made a big difference in my life ---<---@ Your Precious~ Lisa


A Note From Theresa said...

Just stopped by to let you know my computer is working again.

This was sad, you needed to have a Kleenex waring on here some place.

Jennifer said...

How Sweet!! Isn't the bond so special between grandparents and grandchildren? So sweet

Patti said...

what a sweet tribute to your grandmother! I was very close to my grandmother too and not a day goes by that I dont think of her. I miss her so much!

Kristi said...

I know how much your grandmother meant to you. This was a sweet memorial for her.


Nanny said...

Hello My Sweet Lisa,
It was wonderful reading your tribute to your grandmother. How sweet and precious those memories are and no one can take those away from us.
I am doing well and Kristi and the children are doing such a wonderful job in taking care of me.
She is such a sweet daughter and I thank God for her.
Thank you for all your prayers and please continue to pray for me.
On Nov. 2, about 10:00 PM Bob Jones University called me about Holly and I gave them a very good reference for her.
I pray that all goes well for her while getting ready for this big step in her life.
Give all a hug and kiss from me. Tell Wade that I said hi and I love him too.
Maw Maw Birt

Lisa said...

Dear Janice and Kristi and everyone
Thank you all so much for your sweet comments. My grannny was like my Mom and I do miss her so much, especially during the hoildays.
Thank you Mrs. Janice for giving Holly a good reference. I cherish the love and friendship we have with our church family and even though we don't get to see you all much we think of and pray for all of you. I hope you continue to do well and recover soon. Love and prayers to all. Lisa

Tammy said...

What a beautiful tribute...
She sounds like she was such a wonderful grandmother.

I really miss my "Gammee" too...even after 25 years!

Mimi said...

beautiful tribute to your grandmother

Marci said...

What a sweet post. My Grandma died around this time in 1999. I miss her too. Memories are very precious aren't they.