Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sunny Weekend~

Well I woke up to sunny skies ) That makes me happy. I still have a few gifts to buy. I think I'll make some sausage balls later today. I really love those things, so I'm going to try making them with reduced fat Bisquick and low fat sausage and since I like mine spicy. I think I'll add some pepper flakes or some Cayenne pepper.

I have a few more Christmas cards to address and get in the mail today. We will be attending some church Christmas plays(musicals) this week and next week as well. We will gather with different family members and share some good food and happy memories together.I hope that you enjoy this holiday season. Stay happy and well and remember always keep Christ close in your heart not only at Christmas but all year through.

Have a great weekend. Lisa


HsKubes said...

Our children (and my beloved) like sausage balls, too. Cayenne pepper would be a yummy addition! We love spicy.

I, too, have to work on my cards. I'm trying to get our newsletter finished so I can send them out. I seem to have writer's block this year.
I hope you and yours enjoy this Christmas season, too!
Have a wonderful and Christ-centered Christmas!

~ Christina

Patti said...

I love all your Christmas graphics!! And I already have my sausage balls made and in the freezer. I love them as well and so does my family. I made "trash" yesterday along with some cheese logs. Today I am making candy with my son and daughter in law. My gifts are bought, wrapped and under the tree!! Have a wonderful holiday!!