Thursday, March 12, 2009

Getting The Message Through

A lone man hung in a cross, suspended between heaven and earth to get the message through. God loves you! A rebel angel declared that God's law was unjust. This angel claimed that God was arbitrary and His requirements were unfair. He claimed that God did not really love His creatures.

The Cross eloquently answers Satan's most blatant arguments. The cross reveals tow eternal truths: how deadly sin is ad how good God is.Sin destroyed the most innocent man ever to live.
Sin killed the son of God. Sin destroys all who play with it. Sin is deadly. If it is so bad that it killed Jesus, shouldn't we consider that it might destroy us, too, if we embrace it?

The Cross reveals how incredibly good God is. It reveals His amazing love. It speaks eloquently to the entire universe of a God whose love goes the limit. A God whose love goes to ant length to save us. God's message came through on the cross. Heaven values you so much that Jesus Himself would accept all of sins condemnation to save you. It is incomprehensible, but still true. Jesus would rather accept the full penalty of sin Himself, even if it meant eternal separation from the Father, than for us to be lost. He would rather miss out on Heaven Himself than for us to. I don't know about you but I cannot resist that love. All I can do is yield to the love that speaks from the cross and worship Him Forever..

Romans 5:8~ But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinner, Christ died for us.

What could we possible do to merit such love from this Wonderful Merciful Saviour? I hope we can all as Christians be a living example of the blood He shed at Calvary and get the message through!

God Bless you. Lisa


Princess0479 said...

Lisa HI :))

your most recent post was amazing, and so convicting too..It made me realize finally that I don't deserve His love at all, that i am truly nothing, but everything in HIM..even though we don't deserve HIS love and heaven, i am so greatful that HE loved us so much to have died for us, thanks for this message of love on your web site it helped me so much today it's what i needed to hear :)
thank you!

i have a question too..Lisa would it be ok for me to post your most recent post.."Getting the Message through" on my blog?
i hope it'd be ok..but if it is not, it's not a big deal and i understand..and i also want to say
Keep telling it like it is :))

Keep shining the light wherever you go, because you are a great prayer warrior and i appreciate you dear bloggie friend :)

i have some awesome news to share, i am going to Europe tommorow, i fly out to London tommorow night and then after 3 days in London the tour agency will take us for another 3 days in Paris..i'm beyond excited! and i think i'm being sent there for a reason, not just for fun and vacation, though that's what it is in most respects..but i feel God wants something done down there, and i think it's for me to tell someone about Christ's love and to help save someone's soul :))

God is so good!

wish me a good bon voyage!

sorry this was so long!

Take care & God bless You always!


To God be all glory!

In Christ, Jane.

Patti said...

Wonderful post and message!

We should all be walking messages for Christ!!

have a wonderful weekend!

Gena said...

That post was so beautiful. I cry each and every time I think of Jesus on the cross dying for me. Can you imagine giving up one of your children for sinners? I can't. God is amazing and that should prove it to anyone who has ever had a child.

Thank you for another wonderful post. I hope you have a great week.

Sharon said...

Gena said what I was going to say. :) My heart swells and bubbles over and tears flow down my cheeks when I think about what Jesus did for me/us.

Mississippi Songbird said...

I love this post. Thanks for sharing...

Tammy said...

This was SO beautiful, Lisa....