Friday, March 14, 2008

Another Meme

I have been tagged! My friend Hope from Second Time Around blog has tagged me.

I am supposed to tell 8 things about myself you may or may not already know. So here goes.

  • I love to flower garden. I love birds. I love day time and sunshine. I don't like the dark nights but I'm usually up until late.

  • Hope I'm Copying one of yours because I do like fresh green bean Sandwich's.

  • I don't like to be confined to elevators or small rooms for very long. I get claustrophobic.

  • I am a clean freak, clean house, clean body, clean kids, clean dogs. I love to smell good smells. I burn Yankee tarts all the time! I think my older daughter has caught the cleaning habit from me. Now she does most of the cleaning because she loves to not because she has too.God Bless her.

  • I love to eat lemon flavored things. I am not a chocolate freak. I love homemade Lemon pound cake.

  • I love to decorate my house. I love blue and I am learning to like pink. I love Older people and Babies. Just people in general.

  • I love long drives in the country, just going no where and maybe coming upon an old covered bridge. I am from the country and I love it. I now live about five minutes from everything and yet I can still hear the crickets and frogs on summer nights. I love to feel the night air blowing in the windows.

  • I love the simply things in life. Sitting on the glider with my husband and watching my daughters through the back window and cherishing ever moment God gives up together as a family. I love my family so very much.

    Nonna said...

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Feel free to visit anytime. Your blog is very nice. I hope you have a blessed weekend! My son is getting married tomorrow!

    Mississippi Songbird said...

    Those are all wonderful things about you.. I love Lemon pound cake .. I need to make one this weekend. Have a wonderful weekend.. Bunches of hugs..

    Karen said...

    Have you changed your template since i last visited?
    Maybe not.
    It looks really well anyways.

    Enjoyed learning a bit more about you.
    I can't believe your not a chocolate freak. lol.

    Hope said...

    Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for playing the meme. I love learning little tidbits about all my blog friends but I don't like doing my own meme! :o) I feel I'm boring people with so many of them!!

    We do have a lot in common except for the clean freak things! LOL Don't get me wrong, I like a clean house but I tend to put everything else first!

    I think it's funny but I've had several comments that others like green bean sandwiches!! If you like potato salad you'll have to try that one too! I just love bread so I guess just about anything goes with bread as far as I am concerned!! LOL

    DH and I love just going for drives in our county. We always see something new but we have been on just about every back road around here!!



    Now, I know even more reason why I like you so much. Have a great weekend. love you, connie from Texas