Saturday, April 19, 2008


Wade and I drove up to Tryon,NC which is about 35 minutes away from our home for our Anniversary. We have heard a lot of good things about it, so we made reservations. The drive up was beautiful with all the trees and beautiful blooms putting out. I tried to find some history on the place, but couldn't’t find anything online. But take my word it is good and the atmosphere is serene and romantic :) It was nice to spend some time alone and reflect on our nineteen years together. The Lord has been so good to us and we do not take that for granted

Caro-Mi is located just outside of Tryon off of Highway 176. A quaint covered bridge connects the main parking lot to the restaurant on the other side of the river. When we arrived, the air was cool, and the babbling sounds of the Pacolet were enough to lull one into a stupor. A long porch with rocking chairs faces the river, and provides a pleasant place for diners to wait for their tables.

In "Feasting on Asphalt", Alton Brown says that one of the best signs of a good eatery is old guys. Lots of old guys. Caro-Mi must really be good. The youngest person there looked like a good Ole’ Southern Boy politician or used car salesman. Regardless of their appearance, everyone seemed to be enjoying their meal.

The interior is knotty pine paneling that looks original to the building. Covered with memorabilia, as well as photos of beauty queens and celebrities who have dined here.


The menu is limited by choice - just a few items on a single small sheet. The signature dishes are "The Ham What Am" and the mountain trout. There is also flank steak, breaded sea scallops and shrimp, cold shrimp, four pieces of chicken (no substitutes), and just vegetables. All of the dishes are between $13 and $16.


First a bowl of macaroni salad, a bowl of vinegar-based Cole slaw this was like my granny used to make. A basket of biscuits are brought out. These play the role of starters, and the bowls are bottomless.

I Got the pan fried butter almond Trout and Wade got the spring Chicken! The lady filleted my trout at the table. Yummy!

A bowl of beans and a bowl of apples were brought out to accompany the entree. A I guess it was the mountain stream that had lulled me into eating the contents thereof. The trout is grilled, and filleted right there are the Almond butter sauce.

The flavors of all were wonderful. As good as the trout was, my favorite was the vinegar Cole slaw. Normally I’m not a fan of slaw, but this was fantastic! The Apples were so good. By the way you can order all the sides and biscuits you want.

I hope enjoyed sharing this memory with me. Have a Blessed Day.




Marci said...

What a neat place to visit!!! Happy Anniversary!!!!

Happymama said...

Lisa, sounds like a wonderful place to visit and the pictures were great. I'll have to tell Bruce about it.


Mississippi Songbird said...

Okay, that looks delicious and ot's

Have a great week. Loved the photos..