Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I love you this much~


I hope everyone had a pleasant Memorial Day Holiday. We did here, we grilled out, went to Church and got a real blessing from that and it is always nice to see our church family.We enjoyed the pool and visiting with friends there also.

We will finish school this week :) I have year end grades to go but we have had a really good year. God has Blessed us!

My lovely friend Stephanie at Mississippi Song bird has so sweetly award me this kind award. Thank you Stephanie for giving me this, it really means a lot to me. You have been so loyal to visit and comment on my daughter's and my blog, we can always count on you and we appreciate it! Go over and visit Stephanie's Blog she also sells Tupperware and Watkins products if you need any of these products.

I now need to award this award to 10 people, this is never easy for me to choose and this is just in random order. I love all my blogger friends and family so here goes.Some of you may have already bee given this award so if you have your loved again. God Bless you all~ Lisa

1. Mrs Janice at Maw Maw's House is a part of our church family as well as a blogger buddy. We love you and we appreciate your prayers and kindness and we love Bro. Larry and pray for you both.

2.Kristi at Thimble Thoughts is another friend from church as well as a blogger friend. We love her and her family. ~

3. Dana from A Simple gift is a dear sweet encouraging friend from church as well as another great blogger buddy. We love you and appreciate your kindness.~

4.Connie from Connie's Thoughts is a dear Christian lady that I have grown to love, she is a big encouragement to me and I appreciate her kindness so much!~

5. Brandy at Mommy's Quite Spot is a sweet young lady I meet along with Hope online and I just love them both to pieces.~

6. Mrs Sharon at Keeper at Home has been such a big Blessing to me since I met her on Blogger. She is recovering from back surgery so please pray for her. I love her and respect her Christian beliefs.~

7. Gena at Food= Love is such a sweet Home school Mom, caregiver to her Mom and a friend to all who know her. I love you Gena and I appreciate your friendship~

8. Sister Theresa over at A Note From Theresa is another faithful Christian friend who Home school's and loves the Lord. I love and appreciate her as a friend.~

9. Nancy and Shelly are two friends that I met on blogger who are sweet and I enjoy visiting their blogs . Go give them a visit.~

10. Nonna at Nonna's Place is a nice new friend I have met on Blogger. She has a great blog and one of the cutest granddaughters :) So pay her a visit~

I love all my blogger friends and enjoy each one of your blogs. Your posts and your comments are a big help and encouragement to me and my girl's. God Bless you all. Lisa~


Nonna said...

Thank you so much for the nice award! I was surprised as I was reading your post and there it was!! Thank you again!! I'll be sure and post it this week on my blog!
Sounds like you had a great Memorial Day weekend! My daughter, her husband and grandbaby showed up Sunday morning at church and spent the night! I enjoyed having them here so much. It was really hard going back to work this morning though.

Happymama said...

Hey Lisa, thank you so much for the award. I love you that much too!


A Note From Theresa said...

Thank you so much for this. I'm touched very deeply. You are a good blog friend to me also. Meeting people like you are a blessing to my heart. Christian women who love the Lord and strive to do their best for His name sake.

Again thank you for this award, Your sister in Christ, Theresa

Shelly said...

Lisa, thank you for the award. I will post it soon as it is almost 1am right now.

I like your back yard garden.

Also, hope the rest of the school time goes well for you. Celebrate when done! Woooo-hooooo!

God bless ya!

Nanny said...

Dear Ms. Lisa,
Thank you so much for the award.
I love you and your family so much.
When you guys are able to come and visit with us it is a real blessing.
I am glad you had such a good memorial day.
I got up at 6:10 Monday morning and baked a home made Chocolate Pound cake. Made meat loaf and Potato Salad the way Larry loves it and then cut up 2 chickens and fried them.
By that time I was exhausted.
When Larry came back from Dialysis we finished what we were doing and of course I cleaned the kitchen then we loaded up the truck and were on our way to Amy and Brian Cook's home.
Now this was a young married class cook out but we were invited so we went. They have a beautiful place out in the country in Mooresboro.
My little Hannah took me for a ride in the go-kart and I had a blast. Ha ha.
We were the first to leave but carried a great enjoyment home in our hearts for our christian family.
Take care and come see us often.
Love to you and yours,

Mississippi Songbird said...

Great picks. I'll enjoy visiting their blogs.. Bunches of hugs....

Brandy said...

Thank you so much for the award, I love it!! It is so cute, I am going to go post it right now!!!


thank you for the award... i love yall like my own family. i am so glad we are such good buddies, i need ya!!! thanks for being a great friend.love ya, dana

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Lisa,

Stopped over from Nonna's to say Hi. You have a very nice blog here. My daughter home schools her younger daughter. The older one is now heading to college. Have a great weekend. I will stop by and visit again.



Tina Coruth said...


I saw your link at Nonna's so I thought I would drop by. Your blog is very nice. I love the butterfly in your header!

I hope you have a great weekend!


The Sisters said...

Hey Mama,
Your new profile picture is really pretty!

Love you,