Monday, June 2, 2008

Summer is Here~

Well it feels like summer here in the South. I heard my A.C. come on before lunch so I know the temperatures are getting warmer. Our summer flowers are blooming beautifully and so comes the weeds.I really don't mind the heat until it starts getting in the high 90's and 100 then I stay inside until the early morning or late evening.

I hope to get to post more often. I hope all is well and enjoying the start up to summer.You know now that I think of it I haven't seen any of those dreadful bloom eating Japanese beetles.

I know the Lord created everything for a purpose but those beetle just devour my magnolia blooms and any blooms they like. We use seven dust and the beetle bags and they still eat our blooms or they did last year. I think the cooler weather has delayed their arrival this year. I hope everyone is well and happy.

Thank you for your visits. Blessings, Lisa


Shelly said...

Hi Lisa, I also dislike those pesty Jap Beetles. I can name a few more, the lovely biting mosquitos, june bugs, anything that flys at me. LOL

I will post some recipes of the camper pies. That can be my next post project. I actually have a book with some in too.

All you need is those square irons that can go in the fire. You find them in the camper section. Then some pam spray, bread, and any filling you want. You could do tacos, ham and cheese, we usually do the pizza, and pie filling. Apple and Cherry go well here.

I take the pam and spray inside the irons, then put a slice of bread down, then add fillings, then another slice of bread, then close the iron and put in the fire. Cook for a little bit flipping periodically, don't want to burn it so will want to check and see if the bread looks toasted.

That is the basic and I will maybe add pics and whatnot on my blog. Have a double header softball game tonight, so it won't be tonight.

Mimi said...

I'm with you...I stay inside during the day when the temps get into the high 90's
the little vermin that we have the most trouble with is the cinch bug.
it kills St Augustine grass faster than you can shake a stick..
hope you are having a pleasant week

Nancy said...

Hi Lisa, Thanks for the I love you award, that was so sweet of you.I finally got it posted.
I like bugs but not the kind that bite you or fly around your head making you crazy. We have some tiny nats by our house that bite your ears, & around the hair line at the nape of the neck and cause a major welt. I really dislike them!!!

Susan said...

HI,Hope you are having a good week.I don,t do bugs or heat.I like to stay where it is cool and bug free.Enjoy reading your blogs. Have a good one. God Bless

Karen said...

We just replaced our air conditioning units in the nick of time! Last week, in fact! LOL!
This Thursday the high is supposed to be 95!! I can't believe we're hitting those numbers already.
Have a great week, Lisa....

Jamie - RoseCottage said...

I'm in Georgia, and yep - hot weather is here all right! And those japanese beetles are PESKY!!!They like to eat my roses, and then it's WAR!

I found your blog on Hearts for Homeschooling and wanted to pop in to say "hi!"

Gena said...


I just got to visit you and saw my sweet award! Thank you so much. I've never gotten an award. I will try to figure out how to post it on my blog. If I can't, one of my kids will be able to - they can do anything on the computer.

It is blazing hot here already. I was walking in the evening, but it is too hot. I tried 9 this morning, but still too hot. I'm going to bump it up to 7 tomorrow morning and see how that goes.

Also, some kind of bugs are eating my sweet potato vine. I've always wanted to grow them (they're ornamental) and now that I have them, they're getting little holes in the leaves. They do look like japanese beetle bites. I can't stand those things! We have a beetle bag, too, but evidently it isn't helping.

Thanks again for my sweet award.

Hugs to you,

Sharon said...

Hi Lisa,
Those beetles are dreadful! We haven't seen any yet this year and hope it will be a lean year for them because they strip the leaves on our plum trees and rose buds and crape myrtles.

Summer is my least favorite season simply because I don't like hot weather. :)

Take care!


Dear Lisa, it is already in the 90's here on the Gulf coast of Texas. It is hot but usually always with a breeze, even if that is hot

I wanted to thank you again for the award. I finally got to where I could put it on my blog. I thank you for thinking of me. I appreciate you and your blog so much. connie from Texas