Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Gracie~

My little sister Grace celebrated her 6th birthday this weekend. She had a really nice party and we enjoyed spending sometime with her and the family.

My husband's Mom is still in ICU.Her condition goes for stable to bad to worse. Thank you to all who have asked about or prayed for her. She is still on life support as of this afternoon.

We drove several miles today to visit a church for the evening service and on the way there we ran into a terrible storm, so bad we turned around and came home for safety sake. The hail started out like crushed ice and turned in larger nickel size pieces. The wind was terrible but just across the road from where we took shelter under some trees in our car was a beautiful rainbow and it seemed to follow us through the storm. God is so good! He protects his children from all of life's storms. We did not get any rain at our house so I will be up early to water the flowers.

I hope everyone has a great week.


Tammy said...

Hi Lisa,
I'm so sorry to hear about your mother in law in ICU...I'll be praying for her and your family.

This post goes so well with the one I just read below it...God is always with us in the storms, whether they are real, circumstances or spiritual...
You expressed these thoughts so beautifully!

Virginia said...
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Nonna said...

Happy Birthday to your little sister!!

I will keep your mother-in-law in my prayers!

Glad you and your husband made it home safely from the storm, and God gave you a beautiful rainbow to admire on the way home!

Have a blessed week!!

Nonna said...

I tried leaving a comment earlier but it said it didnt go thru, so here goes again...

Happy Birthday to your sister!!

Your mother in law will continue to be in my prayers.

I'm glad you made it home safely from the storms and God gave you a beautiful rainbow to admire on your way home!

Have a wonderful week!!

Mimi said...

Happy Birthday Gracie!!!
I am praying for comfort and ease of pain for your MIL...and for healing if that is God's will....
I am so glad that you were kept safe from the storm...God does protect his children...and He even sent you a rainbow so you could be reminded that He was near...
blessings ,

Sharon said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law! I will be praying for her and also the much needed rain.