Monday, June 23, 2008

Picture Day~

The Girl's and I~
The Girl's ready for church~
My honey and ME~
Grcacie and I~



Nonna said...

what a beautiful bunch of girls!!

Happymama said...

We're still praying for Brother Wade's mother. Please continue to keep up updated.

Those were great pictures. Your little sister is a doll.


Nancy said...

Lovely girls and gracie so cute!!!

Karen said...

Hi there! My laptop is back today! Yay!
Beautiful girls, just like their mama and sister!

A Note From Theresa said...

Very good pictures. Your girls are just beautiful.

Mississippi Songbird said...

Those are great pictures.. Thanks for sharing..


The pictures are so good. You all look just beautiful!!! Have a great day. connie from texas

I love your new blog look.

Shelly said...

Very beautiful family. Nice pics. I am curious how you have a six year old sister.

Lisa said...

My Dad remarried a younger woman and she gave birth to my little sister. :)

Thank you all for your prayers. Wade's Mom is out of ICU but they still do not know what is causing her problems.
Blessing. Lisa

Katy Lin :) said...

just found you through the CWO blogroll. you have a beautiful family! :)

Sis. Julie said...

Thank you for coming by and commenting on my blog. You have a beautiful family!! I will come back and read more here soon.