Monday, July 21, 2008

Reserved For You~

Have you ever taken one of those vacations? You planned to arrive at a distant location where you knew you'd have a great time, but on the way you had so many traveling difficulties that you wondered if the journey was worth it.
Car problems. Traffic delays. Getting lost.Sick kids.In our case dogs to worry about. Irritable fellow travelers. You know the destination would be great, but the trip was anything but smooth. Yet you kept pressing on because you knew it would be worth the trouble.
That's a picture of the Christian life. Those who have trusted Jesus as Savior are on a journey filled with difficulties, setbacks,tragedies and obstacles. Trouble always seems to be present or just around the corner. But we know that an indescribably great destination is in our future.
(1 Peter 1:4)To an inheritance incorruptible and undefiled and fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for you. I don't know about yo but I get excited at the thought of have a reserved place in heaven!
Peter understood. He said that as we make our way through life, we will suffer grief as aresult of our troubles. Yet we can actually rejoice through our difficulties, because God has reserved something special for us at the end of the journey.
Many of us have troubles in our life. I know I face the devil every day,seems like lately more than I would like to when it comes to my health. But then I look at those that have had a much harder journey than I and Feel selfish.What about you are you troubled today? Look ahead. Heaven will be worth the trip.


Nonna said...

Another great post!

I have an award for you, its on my cooking blog, so please drop by and grab it!

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Mississippi Songbird said...

Thank you for this.. This is beautiful and gives me something to think about.

Jonathan's Journal said...

That was really good. Praying for your friend Gena.