Thursday, August 28, 2008


PSALM:9-1 I will praise thee O Lord with my whole heart; I will shew forth all they marvellous works.

David praises God for protecting his people.
If we would praise God acceptably, we must praise him in sincerity, with our whole heart. When we give thanks for some one particular mercy, we should remember former mercies. Our joy must not be in the gift, so much as in the Giver. The triumphs of the Redeemer ought to be the triumphs of the redeemed. The almighty power of God is that which the strongest and stoutest of his enemies are no way able to stand before. We are sure that the judgment of God is according to truth, and that
with him there is no unrighteousness. His people may, by faith, flee to him as their Refuge, and may depend on his power and promise for their safety, so that no real hurt shall be done to them. Those who know him to be a God of truth and faithfulness, will rejoice in his word of promise, and rest upon that. Those who know him to be an everlasting Father, will trust him with their souls as their main care, and trust in him at all times, even to the end; and by constant care seek to approve
themselves to him in the whole course of their lives. Who is there that would not seek him, who never hath forsaken those that seek Him? (Ps 9:11-2) M.Henry

I seek to honor and praise the name of Our precious Lord and Saviour. His works are Marvellous and I love him with my whole heart. I hope you day is going wonderful and that you have been Blessed in some way. Thanks for dropping by.HUGS to (((((you))))) Lisa ...


Eve said...

I am a firm beleiver in that motto. How many people have missed their blessing because they got impatient with God. I am happy to have found your blog.

Nancy said...

Hi Lisa, great post with good reminders for me. God has blessed us all so much we need to thank Him for His gifts everyday. ((Hugs)))

Mimi said...

we need to be more thankful for the little things...
have a blessed weekend