Saturday, January 12, 2008

~State Parks~

I hope you are having a beautiful Saturday! It is beautiful here in the upstate. I must get out and enjoy this lovely weather today.I got up very early today so I could greet my husband when he came home form work. I made us breakfast eggs and hash round casserole you can get this recipe over at Gena's blog I have made this before but I forgot how good it was. We shared some precious time together. We cleaned the house last night( Holly mostly) she really loves cleaning but I do too.I changed the beds, cleaned out the girls linen closet, got up in the Attic for Holly's Dutch girl quilt that was lost and we were so happy to find it and the ATM bread maker so I washed the quilt and the bread maker( made bread) and caught up the laundry among many other things. This is a typical day for me I love to stay busy.Today is a free day woohoo :) I am ready for it!As I am writing Charlie our wiener dog is sitting behind me on top of the recliner so he can see out the window and Harley is sitting at the door in the sun. I know they both would love a walk around the block.
Here are some photos from our trip to Cowpens state park. It was a hazy evening and as we were walking and looking into the woods it was as if a battle was about to be fought lol "My husband said the red coats were coming out of the woods" LOL He is quite the jokester.We were able to watch the sun set while walking so that was just another blessing! Before moving to our present residence we priviliged to live between two state parks,Kings mountain and Cowpens so we were able to walk and enjoy both parks often. It is amazing how close people live to such beautiful places and never visit them.If you like history like we all do you will love these places.States parks are a great free and safe place to enjoy with your family.I think I will go outside walk the dogs and find some neighbors to chat with. Have a beautiful day.


Gena said...

Hi Lisa! I enjoyed reading about your day. I also enjoy your songlist on your blog. You and I share some of the save favorites - I LOVE James Taylor and it was wonderful to hear his voice coming out of my speakers!

I've been to Cowpens. Daddy and Mama used to take us all over the place when we were little and I love history, so we were very often in battlefields.

Enjoy your weekend and have a blessed Sunday.



The park is beautiful. We have always loved going to the state parks when our children were home but we still go as often as we can.

I hope your new years is being good to you and your family. Have a great weekend. connie from Texas

Mississippi Songbird said...

I love to go to state parks..Great pics too..
I hope you are having a great new year!

Happymama said...

Hey Lisa, I've been reading and trying to catch up on some posts. Loved your pictures of the park and the girls. And please tell them they've done a great job on their sewing so far!

I'm glad you've had a great time with Wade and the girls.


Barbara said...

Lovely photos and you have been busy. Thanks for visiting.